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Management Resources

At Volunteer Toronto, we understand that Volunteer Managers often need to juggle a lot of different responsibilities on a tight timeline to be able to keep their volunteers happy and their programs thriving. Our Volunteer Management Resources are designed to make your job a little bit easier. Whether you want an in-depth workbook to help you learn a new skill, or a simple template that you can quickly adapt to your needs, Volunteer Toronto has you covered!

Featured Resource - Free

Orientation & Training

In our March 2017 workshop, we explored creating engaging and meaningful training & orientation for volunteers. For ideas, templates and resources to help you plan orientation and facilitate excellent training sessions, download this Featured Resource free until April 30th, 2017!


Basic - Free

Volunteer Policies & Procedures

This resource centre features all of Volunteer Toronto's currently active policies & procedures for volunteers - feel free to use these as examples and templates for your own volunteer policies & procedures!

VECTor Report 2016

The report of the November 2nd, 2016 VECTor Conference for volunteer managers and coordinators. Features presenter highlights, research findings, ideas from group discussions and useful tools. Learn more about youth volunteering trends, creating and applying innovations in your volunteer programs, volunteers with court-ordered community service and more.

Measuring Impact of Volunteer Programs

In this workbook, learn about the different kinds of impact your volunteer program can have and how you can report and assess this impact to improve your program.

Professional Development

In this workbook, learn how to make the case for professional development to improve and enhance your role with helpful tips and ideas.

Engaging Group Volunteers 

In this workbook, learn how to work with group volunteers of all kinds and be ready for long-term relationships with families, youth groups and businesses. 

Planning, Recruiting & Selecting

From creating the volunteer role to choosing the right volunteer for the role, these templates and tips will help you get started on the volunteer management journey.

Training, Supervising & Supporting

This workbook has the tools and tips to create a well-planned volunteer orientation and provide valuable support to help your volunteers will thrive and flourish.

Evaluating, Retaining & Developing

Evaluating your volunteers is an important step in ensuring volunteer retention. Use the templates and guides in this workbook to improve your volunteer program and help it grow.


Intermediate - Community & Full Subscribers

Preparing for Volunteer Fairs - NEW

Get ready for volunteer fairs with ideas, checklists, examples and more in this workbook. From "booth etiquette" to "the role of technology," this resource guide has you covered before, during and after volunteer fairs.

Planning for Volunteer Involvement

Start the volunteer management journey with this workbook, which includes templates, surveys, checklists and more to get volunteer ready.

Volunteer Recruitment

Plan and promote your volunteer recruitment with this workbook's thorough strategy guides and checklists. Plus, learn more about specific audiences including youth, seniors and newcomers.

Volunteer Selection

To help you screen and select the best volunteers for the role, this workbook includes tools and tips to make your interview and screening process clearer and easier.

Orientation & Training

From your volunteer's first orientation to additional training throughout their engagement, this workbook has you covered with an in-depth guide to planning orientation and facilitating excellent training sessions. 

Volunteer Supervision

Choosing the right supervisor, having an appropriate reporting structure, keeping track of projects and even overseeing off-site volunteers are all important aspects of volunteer supervision. This workbook includes tools to help you improve volunteer engagement and supervise your volunteers effectively.

Volunteer Retention & Recognition

Recognizing your volunteers is one of the best ways to increase retention. This workbook includes tools and templates to help you minimize burnout, increase retention and provide valuable recognition to your dedicated volunteers.



Advanced - Community & Full Subscribers

Volunteer Communities & Mentorship

This workbook explores the development of volunteer communities to keep volunteers engaged and connected, along with the tools to develop a mentorship program to help volunteers learn from each and grow.

Volunteer Handbook Sample

This workbook is a full volunteer handbook with annotations and notes to help you develop and/or update your own volunteer handbook. The workbook is guided by Paperguy and includes necessary policies, legally-required statements and other recommended inclusions.

Volunteer Boundaries & Dismissal

This workbook will help you create meaningful, lasting boundaries for volunteers - and understand why those boundaries might be broken. Dismissal can be a potential consequence for breaking boundaries, and this workbook explores best practices in creating dismissal policies.

Long-Term Volunteers

Long-term or "ongoing" volunteer roles are a vital part of many volunteer programs. This workbook includes guides, templates and promising practices for engaging and working with long-term volunteers, including case studies from Toronto organizations.

Short-Term Volunteers 

Short-term volunteering is one of the biggest trends in volunteer management. This workbook features guides and templates to help you deal with the challenges of engaging short-term volunteers, get better prepared for engaging them effectively and learn some promising practices from Toronto organizations.

Giving Volunteers Feedback

From evaluations to performance coaching, this workbook features a number of handy templates and guides to help you give valuable feedback to your volunteers and coach them to better performance.

Accessibility and the AODA 

Your organization has specific obligations to be accessible for clients and volunteers with disabilities. Make sure you're fully compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act with this handy workbook.




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